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IMS5302 - Unit overview

This unit provides a detailed understanding of user interface design principles and practices for computer-based systems. The principles behind usability design application of theories, principles and guidelines for incorporating human factors in computer systems design is explored. The unit examines issues in system interface design from various perspectives and how to manage this during systems development . It explores contemporary issues in interface design, establishes principles for effective design, how to build usable systems and conducted usability testing. The application of human factors design in other environments such as virtual reality and mobile devices will be covered.

A full description of the unit, its outcomes, assessment and requirements are contained in the unit outline document (handed out in the first lecture).

Lecturer: (Unit Leader), Julie Fisher

Content page contains the main content for the unit; the schedule, notes, etc ...

Assessment page contains the assignment and tutorial details, and the functionality to submit your work electronically.

Resource page contains links to suggested readings and other materials that are useful when studying HCI. The required text and recommended readings are also listed in this area.

Staff page contains IMS5302 staff contact details and consultation times.

(Please note, the content, assessment for this unit uses both standard html pages. If you have any problems with its delivery, please email Julie Fisher, using ims5302 in the subject line).


Assignment 2 due date is 12.30pm Friday May 26th.

Last lecture May 31, will be in the lecture theatre H1.26 (next to 1.25) and it will start at 7.30 after Andrew's lecture. The lecture will be a presentation by Kathy Lynch describing how to put together all you have learnt. Important the Racoon Award will be presented during this lecture.

Please pay attention to the assessment guidelines and marking guide.

Coversheet link is now on the assessment page.

Please make sure you check this page and assessment page regularly.

Details regarding results on the assessment page