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IMS2603 : Information Management in Organisations

(IMS2102 : Information Management 3)



Please check this page regularly for updates and announcements

24 October 2005

David's notes on business/functional analyses are on the lectures webpage.

21 October 2005

David's notes on business/functional analyses are on the lectures webpage.

14 October 2005

Next week there will be an information session for students going into the third year of the BIS, to explain the changes that have been made to the course structure, and to answer any questions.

Date: Wednesday, 19 October

Time: 1pm

Place: B2.14

Lecture 25 posted (158kb).

Lab/tute 12 posted (118kb).

10 October 2005

Lecture 24 posted (231kb).

Lab/tute 11 posted (21kb).

7 October 2005

Lecture 23 posted (213kb).

28 September 2005

Lecture 21 posted (228kb).

Lecture 22 posted (225kb).

Lab/tute 10 posted (15kb).

21 September 2005

Assignment 2 is now due 5pm, Monday 10 October.

14 September 2005

Lecture 19 posted (84kb).

Lecture 20 posted (56kb).

12 September 2005

Lecture 17 posted (57kb).

Lecture 18 posted (54kb).

6 September 2005

Lab/tute 7 posted (9kb).

Lab/tute 8 posted (9kb).

31 August 2005

Marking guide for assignment 1 posted (13kb).

Lecture 15 posted (34kb).

Lecture 16 posted (26kb).

30 August 2005

The first two weeks of student tutorial papers have been placed online (in the Readings section of this website).

24 August 2005

Lecture 13 posted (227kb).

Lecture 14 posted (228kb).

23 August 2005

Lecture 12 posted (207kb).

22 Monday 2005

Assignment 2 posted (18kb).

19 August 2005

Lecture 11 posted (159kb).

Lab/tute 5 posted (19kb).

17 August 2005


A corrected version of the assignment has been uploaded.

16 August 2005

Lecture 10 posted (45kb).

12 August 2005

Lab/tute 4 posted (14kb).

8 August 2005

Lab/tute 3 posted (29kb).

Assignment 1 posted (40kb).

3 August 2005

Lecture 7 posted (56kb).

Lecture 8 posted (50kb).

2 August 2005

Lecture 6 posted (166kb).

Lab/tute 2 posted (21kb).

1 August 2005

Links to all of the tutorial readings for this unit can be found at http://www.lib.monash.edu.au/resourcelists/i/ims2102.html

29 July 2005

Lecture 5 posted (184kb).

Wednesday lectures will continue to be in B2.14.

26 July 2005

Lecture 4 posted (201kb).

Links to tutorial readings for week 4 can be found below:

Dutton, Jane E. & Ashford, Susan J. (1993). 'Selling issues to top management', The academy of management review, vol. 18, no. 3, July, pp.397-428.

Martinsons, Maris G. & Westwood, Robert I. (1997). 'Management information systems in the Chinese business culture: An explanatory theory', Information & Management vol. 32, pp.215-228.

25 July 2005

From now on, Wednesday lectures are in B2.14.

22 July 2005

Lab/tute 1 posted (21kb).

20 July 2005

Lecture 3 posted (203kb).

A reminder that tutorial paper topics will be assigned at today's lecture. If you are absent, your tutor will place you in one of the remaining weekly slots for tutorial presentations. It is your responsibility to find out which week you are giving a tutorial presentation.

A guide for tutorial presentations (27kb) has been placed on the unit Assessment and Tutorial web pages.

Tutorial readings for week 3 can be found below:

Sias, Patricia M., Kramer, Michael W. & Jenkins, Jenkins (1997). 'A comparison of the communication behaviors of temporary employees and new hires', Communication Research vol. 24, no. 6, December.

Morrison, Elizabeth Wolfe. (1993). 'Newcomer information seeking: exploring types, modes, sources, and outcome' , Academy of management journal, vol. 36, no. 3, June.

18 July 2005

Monday lectures for this unit are indeed in A2.05: sorry for the mix-up.

Lecture 2 posted (20kb).

11 July 2005

Lecture 1 posted (300kb).

The unit outline for IMS2603 is now available - (54kb).

Please note that there is no prescribed textbook for this unit.


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